Monday, February 20, 2012

Blogging Once Again

Okay I have to admit that I am not a great blogger , but I will try and be better in the future :) So what has been going on here lately??? Well I am having my very first scheduled update today. All the skeins are form the Secret Garden Collection. I had dyed a few skeins for a friend (Miss Heather) of mine and she joked that I could make them part of a Secret Garden Collection, so that is exactly what I did. I also had an offer to have someone (Miss Holly) host a swapless swap in the Raverly group for Blanket Mania. So that would require me to make 20 different colors so that the skeins could be divided up 20 times into mini skeins. So now this is the perfect chance to make a great garden of color and and idea came to life. Then my friend (Miss M) encouraged me to make 2 extra skeins of each color for the shop. We opened Berry Colorful Yarnings Ravelry group up for inspiration photos and contest. Well 60 plus skeins later we had enough interest for the minis that we had two groups sign up. 40 participants in all for 5 gram minis. Thank goodness that I did not have to make 800 minis. Thank goodness for these wonderful hosts :) So the update will have one skein of each color, minus Grapes on the Vine as the extra skein found a wonderful home with Miss M. (One of the perks of being local and being the first to see these skeins live...) I also did a little side work with some new bases. Some I like some I did not. I will have a few skeins of worsted in the shop as well but they may not make the cut for a forever base?? We shall see. There is going to be 2 skeins of 50/50 silk/merino in there as well. This base is so soft and shinny but again not sure that it will make the cut either. Well whats next you ask? Hunger Games inspired Yarn... Oh so fun. I loved these book and the movie is coming out next month. I plan to have about 6 different colors. I can't wait :)
See you soon....

Here are a few sneak peeks of part of the Secret Garden Collection :)


  1. I'm so looking forward to your Hunger Games inspired colorways!

    1. Me too :) I get chills when i see the trailers. The move has my hope high :)