Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 15th update News Letter

Announcing March 15, 2012; The long awaited 74th Hunger Game yarns have finally made their way in to the arena. There is a Cornucopia of wonderful colors that were inspired by the book. Come with us as we explore the "Coal Mines of District 12", Trade in "The Hob", take a walk down the "Avenue of Tributes", meet "Haymitch", the past Champion, Get to know lovely little "Prim" in summer blue and white, "Peeta" the Baker, as well as "Katniss Everdeen" herself.

See the glam and glitz of the Capital; Staring "Effie" in gorgeous pink and gold, "Cinna" the fashion designer in his dark rich browns, then once again Katniss as the "Girl on Fire". This is a must see yarn! You can almost see the flames flickering within the yarn. Yes, even “President Snow” will make a grand appearance.

All of these wonderful yarns are 100% merino. All; that is but Effie, she has to show her bling and fashion sense with a 50/50 Silk, Merino blend.

There will be 13 unique colors, as well as different weights for some of the yarns. Be one of the firsts to come and check out the great collection of yarns that was inspired by the Hunger Games book.

Effie in 50/50 silk/merino

Fingering Cinna in 100% merino                                    
                                                                                                   fingering, also avail in MCN worsted

District 12 100% merino fingering              

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Happy Yarnings Everyone!

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